Like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Moriarty, like Godzilla and Mothra, like cats and dogs, Schumacher's and the Black Forest are locked in a battle to the death--who will win the love of the people? And will St. Paul newcomer Glockenspiel topple them both? Maybe one day, but for the time being, sauerbraten lovers have to choose between a long trek to New Prague for unforgettable elk loin, utterly perfect linzertorte, impeccable service, and fantastic imported beer--or a short jog to Black Forest for utterly forgettable pork loin, excellent apple strudel, adequate service, and fantastic imported beer. Basically, you've got to conclude that the problem is location: Schumacher's is too far from the Cities to count as a local restaurant, but too close to forget about. So here's a modest proposal: How about scrapping that commuter train to St. Cloud, and rigging up one to New Prague instead?


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