Lucille's is a deft master operating in a field of midgets. If you haven't experienced the joy of Lucille's chicken, here's the drill: Having been sure to allot 25 minutes for the preparation of your quarter-bird, you arrive at the drab north-side strip mall, snag a table, and order your chicken: $7.25 for dark meat, $8.25 for white, an additional 99 cents for an extra wing (highly recommended). Get a Coke or an African Pride soft drink and a couple of sides (awesome greens, silky mac and cheese, sweet, sweet sweet potatoes) and then, with the hard work done, sit back and slip into the happy reverie that can only come from knowing that chicken with skin as crisp as cellophane, meat as tender as fruit, and a slice of spice as memorable as a lullaby is headed your way.

Location Details

92100 Snelling Ave.
Roseville MN 55113


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