Everybody knows you can walk into any old supermarket to find an apple, a carrot, or a head of lettuce. Or stroll into one of the Twin Cities' more upscale, carpeted emporiums to find the raw materials for an exotic fruit plate or salad. But the Wedge is in another league entirely. It seems that whenever we enter the produce section of this capacious co-op we undergo a transformation from ordinary shoppers into aspiring gourmets, overcome by an irresistible urge to fill our basket with plump morels, verdant bundles of fresh herbs, fat heads of garlic, bunches of those delicate wild leeks called ramps...and compelled to scurry home to prepare a ravishing banquet. No other store in town comes remotely close to offering such a consistently bounteous selection of fresh, glistening stuff--most of it organic, and, in season, much of it locally grown. The time is almost ripe for heirloom tomatoes, fresh-picked salad greens, juicy melons, and later, dozens of varieties of local apples...hmmmm, is it dinnertime yet?

Location Details

2105 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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