Dunn Bros

On any day, you can walk into any Dunn Bros and find a selection of coffee beans that were roasted right there on the premises that very morning. The busier shops, such as the one on Grand and Snelling avenues in St. Paul, roast every variety of bean they sell, every day, so you can be sure that from the most basic Colombian to the most complex Yemeni strain, you're taking home the freshest roast in the two towns. You're also guaranteed that you'll get very good coffee. Ed Dunn, who founded the company in 1987, is a coffee connoisseur. He chooses the best coffee beans from different regions around the world according to the growing season, often picking beans raised on individual farms rather than on plantation conglomerates. Prices vary, depending on the wholesale cost of the green coffee beans, but most range from $8 to $9 per pound. At the high end (about $11), try the beans grown in the southern part of Yemen (coffee was first commercially grown on the Arabian peninsula, Dunn gleefully explains), which evince a slightly fermented, dried-cherry flavor.

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12934 Minnetonka Blvd.
Hopkins MN 55305


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