The Twin Cities may not be known as a Caribbean-food hot spot, but there are actually quite a few good options: Go to low-key Puerta Azul for pernil asado and other home-style Puerto Rican specialties; head to hot and sassy, cafeteria-style West Indies Soul for extraordinary jerk chicken; hit upscale Café Havana for attractive seafood and gorgeous décor; and don't forget Harry Singh's Original Caribbean Restaurant for the best roti in town. Once you've made the rounds, though, settle in to a corner table at Chez Bananas, because this is the only restaurant that hits all the marks reliably: Fiery yet subtle curries, fragrant ginger jerk chicken, daily specials with finesse, a scrumptious sautéed-banana dessert, and--critical--40 kinds of rum and the best daiquiri around.


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