Your nose is the first thing that alerts you to your impending arrival at Candyland. As soon as you're within a block of the place, you smell fresh-made popcorn. In fact, popcorn is Candyland's biggest seller: They go through almost 200 pounds of popcorn a day. A St. Paul institution since 1932, Candyland has got the goods to satisfy any sweet tooth. Besides delicious hot buttered popcorn, caramel corn, and cheese corn, they make homemade fudge and offer a variety of roasted nuts including cashews, peanuts, and almonds. There are confectionery favorites from years gone by--rock candy, brittle, chocolate-covered pretzels, licorice whips, butterscotch balls, red dollars--and more up-to-date sweets like gummy bears and gourmet jelly beans. As a sign on the wall warns, "Diet is a four-letter word. Please refrain from using it while here."


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