Many a vegetarian has fallen off the wagon dreaming of a perfect burger. And frankly, constant carnivores could learn a thing or two from our lettuce-loving friends: Burgers shouldn't be taken for granted. They shouldn't be consumed with uniform, unappreciative abandon whereby every gray patty of meat with a pickle next to it is judged roughly equivalent. A good argument could be made that great burgers are the only ones that should be eaten at all--burgers ground fresh from superior cuts of meat, particularly those prepared at establishments like Morton's, Jax, and the St. Paul Grill. Sidle up to a dark, glossy table at the St. Paul Grill and order a single-malt Scotch, a plate of perfect, caramelized fries (or incomparable hash browns), and one of these enormous, juicy, tender burgers, and you may never eat fast food again.

Location Details

75 5th St. W.
St. Paul MN 55102


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