They will accommodate granola-and-egg-white-only appetites, but why not pretend you're on the protein diet for a few hours? Go for the gooey Vagabond skillet with eggs, potatoes, ham, onions, mushrooms, and cheese ($6.25), or any of the several varieties of made-from-scratch pancakes. Also recommended is the French Wrap ($5.39)--two slices of thick French toast filled with some kind of delicious, sweet cheese concoction, topped with fresh whipped cream and served with warm, cinnamony apple compote. And the all-important beverage? The coffee is strong and fragrant, and they'll leave a whole pot on your table. Service is consistently efficient if not excessively friendly--and who needs some stranger making chatty small talk at you first thing in the morning anyway? For those who consider morning a bad time to be out of the house, breakfast is served until 2:00 p.m. The atmosphere is, as the name implies, casual without being dumpy, and the place features smoking and non-smoking sections that are far enough apart so you can indulge your after-meal vice without feeling guilty about non-inhaling booth neighbors.

Location Details

2828 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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