Peter Kelsey's bread empire

The real reason we're not a cold Omaha has nothing to do with the Twins and everything to do with basic quality-of-life issues like being able to get a great loaf of bread everywhere you turn. And with the continued expansion of Peter Kelsey's bread empire, we've got that quality-of-life issue covered. Not just available at every co-op (where previously staid shoppers have been known to break into a sprint to snag the last semolina loaf), not just available downtown and in delightful proximity to Coastal Seafoods in Longfellow. Now crisp, crusty, airy New French baguettes are available at a number of Cub Foods stores. That's right: Now you can get a great loaf of bread and Frosted Flakes in the same place. In our book, that not only puts the Twin Cities a damn sight ahead of Omaha, it makes life here as good as it is in any lesser French city. So grab a baguette and a stick of sweet butter, and consider the glory of a new nickname: How does a cold Metz sound? A cold Caen? A cold Rouen?


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