Randy Shaver

When we turn on the tube to catch the latest stats and scores, we occasionally wonder what would happen if all the world's sportscasters were to switch network affiliates for a day; would anyone notice? An even better experiment might be to cross genetic material from each and breed an überschlemiel--a creature fluent in glib ESPN-speak and with the natural coloration of a bad polyester suit. But since we haven't got the technology, we'll settle for Randy Shaver, who, though among the more experienced of the local jock maestros, sounds at least nominally interested in what he's saying as he narrates the day's highlight reel. (We like Shaver's cohort Tim McNiff, too, but we can't get over that Minneessota accent.) While Shaver's greatest selling point may be that he isn't Joe Schmidt, we also realized during his health-related hiatus a year or so back that his low-key charisma goes a long way toward making local sports coverage palatable. Without him, KARE-11's crew seemed chemically imbalanced.


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