Denny Green

Denny Green apologists, overpaid pros, and cheeseheads: Be warned. The big show on KFAN is here to stay. In a genre bursting at the seams with shtick (white-guy jive, middlebrow machismo, unrighteous rage), Chad and Barreiro, on the air from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, are stubbornly sticking to the basics: compelling interviews with the day's newsmakers; guest spots with media celebs such as KARE-11's Paul Magers or Pioneer Press music critic Jim Walsh; and just enough call-in and response time to keep things fresh. Hartman, now making his mark as the radio voice for "your Minnesota Timberwolves," traditionally plays good cop to Barreiro, who pens a sports column for the Star Tribune that is as snarky as it is impossible to ignore. And when he does put the hammer down, Sid's kid usually mixes in a little self-deprecating humor to soften the blow. Barreiro, on the other hand, is his same old self--cranky, impatient, and indefatigable. There is no gray in this newspaperman's world. Cheats should be chastised, phonies need to be exposed, and rubes are rubes. In fact, we're pretty sure that when someone tells Barreiro that City Pages has paid him tribute (he would never stoop to read this "shopper"), he'll make sure to tell his listeners all the reasons he doesn't give a rip; which is, of course, one of the reasons he made our list in the first place.


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