Radio K

Like the student DJs that run the board, Radio K's sound is a likable mix of professionalism and rabid enthusiasm. The smoothest Brazilian pop and the rawest local punk bands sit next to one another in the CD player, while seasoned announcers who sound like they could host any morning show in town are slotted next to sweet kids who can't announce a set without giggling. Their promos are funny and coherent, specialty shows like The Beat Box and Radio K International are informative without being stuffy, and the Seventies lovefest "Cosmic Slop" is the best possible backdrop to Sunday sports that I can think of (especially when the tandem of Joel and Chuck go off on tangents about pants, bad haircuts, or Roger Whittaker's home page). Some college stations put an unbreachable wall between the specialty shows and the regular programming. Not so Radio K: Songs that make those shows' playlists are worked smoothly into the day-to-day lineup. There, the songs interrupt long streams of emocore. Brackish rivers of emocore. But just when the Get Up Kids are about to make you get up and go somewhere far away, Cuban rap-salsa sensations P-13 or Muddy Waters or Nick Drake or Goodie Mob comes on, and things are righted. And the phone-starved DJs are always receptive to requests, no matter how off the wall. If they have it, they'll try to play it for you. Now if they could somehow figure out how to break onto the FM, and start broadcasting after sundown...


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