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You can keep your clear waters and your scenic lakes--those distant spots near the redoubts of one's summer cabin. And you can keep your walleye and your northern, too. This MTN cable-access show, airing Saturdays at 7:00 p.m., features men in waders, heavy coats, and boots, catching all kinds of fish right where we live--in the core of the Cities, often within a few hundred yards from concrete and glass (and sometimes closer). In early March, the show featured a fishing trip to the Ford Dam, where seven species of fish were caught. (That episode has since aired a bunch of times--but isn't a good fish story meant to be told and retold?) The show is often funny and, even if you're not a fisher, it's interesting to hear inside tips about what bait to use for what fish, how big a largemouth bass ought to be, and where to catch some of the unloved fish of our northern waters. To see some close-ups of recently caught fish, go to the show's Web site, where fishermen can be found holding flathead catfish that are half their size. Also on the Web site, the show's creators welcome your suggestions for future topics: As they democratically put it, "There isn't a species we won't do a show on, so if you have any great spots for weird fish just let us know."


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