Formed by local members of the resurgent left-wing labor union International Workers of the World--a.k.a. the Wobblies--Free Radio Twin Cities takes advantage of its freedom from official license to broadcast lively radical political commentary and music designed for adventurous dial hoppers. Only here can you escape the drear of Sunday public broadcasting with the irregularly scheduled Under Lock and Key, which will feature some speaker quoting Eric Foner in a long but engaging monologue about racism and the prison system. Only here would a station's programming segue into The 120-Minute Anarcho-Pagan Radio Hour, with Dr. Diogenes, a DJ who'll play a few greatest hits from public dissident No. 1 Noam Chomsky--and, if that CD isn't working right, a little Gang of Four. Always have a plan B on the lo-fi airwaves. Speaking of, the Federal Communications Commission recently paid "the black cat of the FM dial" a visit and the collective is soliciting donations to save the station. Call their voice mail at (612) 362-4348 or e-mail them at [email protected]


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