Oh, to be a new "nomadic" arts organization like Radiator bursting on the scene, heart all aflutter with its first show! This exhibition from late September of last year was a colorful, energetic, and witty conglomeration of work by ten young local artists. And its mere existence indicates that good art continues to be made in the Twin Cities despite the relatively difficult time young artists have in making their mark. The work in all manner of media--painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, and points in between--was vibrant and humorous, full of exuberance and color. Curator Lee Anne Swanson's smallish paintings were dense with cake-frosting-colored swirls and depicted ironically idealized scenes of ducks, ponds, and the like; Carol Swiszcz's faux-naif scratchy drawings--on paper, on the wall, on whatever was at hand--presented personal stories culled from her own Middle American life. That the show was exhibited in the far-off and grimy confines of an empty warehouse, the MinnPar Building, is indicative of the lack of money available to new art groups and young artists--and their ingenuity in facing that fact. That not much has been heard from Radiator nearly six months later gives one pause--and inspires prayers for another such burst of fresh energy in the often staid local art scene.


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