Ira Glass's

Sometimes greatness is knowing when to get out of the way. When we tune in to MPR on a Sunday afternoon, we don't really care how cold it is in Bemidji, and we definitely aren't up for the news read by a guy who sounds as stiff as our social-studies teacher. We want the best six hours of radio in the five-state area, from On the Media to To the Best of Our Knowledge, and most of all we want Ira Glass's This American Life. And Steve Griffith's voice delivering weather updates and AP headlines is the Jack Daniel's on the rocks to our radio afternoon--none too smooth, none too sweet, goes down easy. When he signs off with that weird, so-un-public-radio "Honey, I'm comin' home," we never know whether he's pulling a Garrison Keillor--the sarcasm in the velvet glove--or just having a good time.


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