Robyne Robinson

Clothes, that old windbag Polonius was known to say, do often make the man. Nowhere, perhaps, does that cliché seem more apt than in the sterile confines of the newsroom, where women with sensibly short hair make uneasy chitchat with mellow fellows in charcoal-gray suits. Let's face it: When it comes to fashion, most anchors are dead weight. In the generally shallow pool of professional talking heads, however, one local newsie rises gracefully to the surface. KMSP's Robyne Robinson might be celebrated for her impishly short new coiffure, or her penchant for flattering purple couture (an ode to her friend, the Artist?). Or perhaps it's simply that while she is a talking head, she does not come across as cyborg model WARMbot3X while reading the news. Clothes do not, after all, make the woman. And along with co-anchor Jeff Passolt, Robinson proves nightly that neither does gloss make the newscast.


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