The lovingly preserved art-deco lobby, the gigantic screen, and the DTS and Dolby sound speak for themselves, but even at a second-run theater, the programming counts most. And the Riverview has improved its already careful selection, mostly in terms of volume: On some weekends, there are four or even five different movies playing in a single day. Indeed, one Saturday last winter they ran the kiddie flick Grizzly Falls at 1:30, Run Lola Run at 3:30, The Limey at 5:00, Anna and the King at 7:00, Man on the Moon at 9:30, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight--which is as unique a throwback to the film-going days of yore as the copper water fountain. Add to this Asian Media Access's unstoppable "Cinema With Passion" series of Hong Kong action films on Fridays at midnight, and the Riverview has the repertoire (and the real butter) to make the second-run experience first-rate. All this (not counting the midnight shows) for the low, low price of $2!

Location Details

3800 42nd Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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