Sally Wingert

Though Sally Wingert is perhaps the most visible actress in the Twin Cities, you'll never see her acting. When she takes center stage, as in the Guthrie's 1999 production of Lillian Garrett-Groag's The Magic Fire or the more recent Lake Hollywood at the Guthrie Lab, Wingert is so attuned to the physical and vocal idiosyncrasies of her character that the mechanics of her performance are invisible. Wingert's forte in her main-stage Guthrie appearances is the affecting portrayal of the slightly naive and long-suffering woman. As demonstrated by her recent seriocomic turns at the Guthrie Lab and in Mixed Blood's Winter, though, she can stretch in any direction a script demands. And even when Wingert is shuffled into the supporting cast--as is wont to happen occasionally in a Guthrie company that includes talents such as Barbara Byrne--her grace and intelligence are readily apparent.


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