Here's a fun game: Let anyone in the wedding business ask who your photographer is, tell her it's Hilary Bullock, and watch her eyes pop out and listen as she crows, "Oh...Hilary. She's the best!" No small part of her reputation comes from her presence; with an easy warmth she turns stiff and nervous portrait subjects into seasoned models. At the wedding reception itself, she manages to be both unobtrusive and reassuring, professional and celebratory. If needed, her experience helps her act as a gentle guiding force for the pace of the evening (and can come in quite handy when you're trying to work those nasty garters in the dressing room). Bullock sees herself as a photojournalist, producing albums full of candids that capture the glances, reactions, and personalities that give a wedding its life. With attention, care, and grace she documents the couple's joy in her lens, immortalizing moments in artwork worthy of Robert Doisneau. The price of a good wedding photographer might make your eyes pop out of your head, and at an average of $5,000 for a bridal sitting, the wedding, and your book of proofs, Bullock is no exception, but her magnificent album will also be the one thing besides your spouse that you have left when the party's over. Be forewarned: Her reputation precedes her, and she may be reserved for more than a year in advance. Call early.


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