Wedding invitations in boxes, baby announcements in tubes, thank-you notes like little books, and Christmas cards bordered with pine needles. Artists Rory Sparks and Kirstie Zahansky's goal is to design your cards so that people will know instantly they're from you--mainly by interviewing you at length to discern your wishes and personality. From there, they use handmade paper, seals, stamps, ribbons, watercolors, letterpress, and buckets of creativity to express you to a T. Step into their cavernous artists' co-op studio and take a look at their portfolios, which include invitations in terra cotta, '50s swing, and ancient love-letter styles. Stop to coo over little Speck the Chihuahua, then spend a little time scoping the 3-D creations that sit on pillars near the studio's entrance--wedding invitations in the guise of an old Victorian book tied up in a ribbon, a small '20s photo album, a collection of bound books that get sent out in stages. All of these products only serve as a launching pad for discussing the best design you want (Rory and Kirstie have never made the same product twice). For wedding invitations, prices start at about seven dollars a set (including invitation, response card, envelopes, and maps) and can go up to infinity if you have the means. (And if you do, call us--we'd love to hear what they did with that kind of budget.) By appointment only.


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