Yep, a double winner. You might be nostalgic for the dropping-the-needle ritual, you might be a DJ, or you might just be looking for cheap music. In any case, you've decided that records rule. But where to go? If you want a sealed copy of Sham 69's classic punk record Tell Us the Truth, go to Roadrunner Records. If you want collectible vinyl reaching back to the '40s, go to Hymie's Vintage Records. For dance music and indie rock, hit up Let It Be Records. But for the sheer pleasure of zoning, the stacks in Cheapo's Uptown outlet are without peer. Go ahead, pore through endless old record jackets in a trance, noting the occasional bizarre cover graphics or the odd collectible you know is worth something but doesn't interest you. The spell will be broken only when you find that perfect find, the record you'll actually play when you get home, over and over again. Like the universe, Cheapo keeps expanding. And with every find, the art lover's eternal question nags every zoner: "Why didn't anyone else snap up this Blue Cheer album?"


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