Just because you're addicted to additives (c'mon, we know you turned right to the Best French Fries category) doesn't mean your pet has to get fat on fake food flavored with meat meal, bone meal, or bone by-products. Ward Johnson, owner of Sojourner Farms, has developed and is marketing all-natural dog and cat foods that will give your best friend a day's essential vitamins and minerals without exposing them to cancer-causing preservatives or synthetic nutrients. Mentioned as a remedy to the pelletization of the animal kingdom in last June's issue of Alternative Medicine, Sojourner's recipe was developed using studies from European herbalists and holistic doctors. All pet owners have to do is stir in water and add raw beef, poultry, or vegetables to the mix of oats, nuts, dried herbs, corn meal, wheat germ, and carob powder. If you order direct, prices range from $18.20 for a 10-pound bag of dog food to $65.95 for a 40-pound bag. Cat food runs at $11.60 for four pounds. You'll also find the mix at many Twin Cities pet stores, co-ops, vet clinics, and grocery stores.


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