Founded 25 years ago by identical twins and Edina residents Ted and Bud Burger, this giant outdoors retailer offers just about all the high-end fishing, hunting, and camping paraphernalia imaginable--a veritable Saks Fifth Avenue for the camo crowd. Say, for instance, you wanna spend a night out on a frozen lake in mid-January. Burger Brothers can meet your needs lickety-split with its top-of-the-line Marmot brand bag, featuring a snappy, anatomical 3-D hood and all-important special headgasket. It's good to 45 degrees below--and at a cost of $689, it ought to be. So you're suffering from a nasty spell of road rage? Or just boning up on self-defense? Burger Brothers boasts an ample selection of firearms--shotguns, rifles, and plenty of handguns. If you've got $519 and no felony convictions, you can snap up a prime Colt 44 Anaconda with eight-inch barrel. (Arousing, eh?) The store also offers what is widely considered the best selection of fly-fishing gear in the Cities, along with an extensive array of spin-casting outfits and all the top crankbaits, spoons, and other artificial lures. Burger Brothers, which was purchased by Holiday Companies back in the mid-'80s, isn't exactly a bargain hunters' paradise. But if you bring along the credit card, you'll walk out with what you came looking for. Burger Brothers wins extra points for its astounding taxidermy displays, which include a 1,500-pound Kodiak bear, a pair of strangely relaxed-looking timberwolves perched above the apparel section, and nearly every other common or exotic fish and beast you may aim to slay--or, perhaps, mourn.


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