Where would those of us whose need to consume, own, and collect exceeds our ability to earn, save, or budget be if not for the desperate addicts and promo-laden music journalists who stock Cheapo's bins? The old Best Buy location into which Cheapo recently relocated retains a slightly off-putting utilitarian vibe--the new store hasn't grown into its mammoth proportions just yet, like a gangly preteen still growing into his older brother's hand-me-downs, and their indiscriminate buying policy means you'll have to sift through a hefty bit of junk product to find a treasure. But Cheapo has never been about ambiance or convenience--it's been about selection, and you're more likely to find a disc here for under nine bucks than anywhere else in town. Bonus: it's a good bet you'll also be able to get some quick cash on a used-by-you disc that's of no earthly use to anyone.


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