At most bridal salons the main event is the dress. Your veil is considered an accessory, like your shoes and your jewelry, and so the bride-to-be usually gets led over to a rack of 20 or so assorted prefab headpieces and hurried to choose one then and there. Veils are the raison d'être for Che Bella's Jen Bresee and Jennifer Meyer, former independent contractors who now work with Amy Jane Bridal. These costume designers make it their solemn duty to design and build the perfect headpiece for you. They've handmade about a jillion veils and, as a result, can describe more options than you dreamed possible. Have an existing piece you'd like to use? They will build from your mother's veil or your heirloom lace. Have no clue? They'll use vast libraries of organza and tulle, satin and flowers, stones and pearls, pins and tiaras. Whatever you choose, you'll end up with something more personal and lovely than anything snatched as a mere afterthought off the rack in back--and for not much more money.


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