As one new mom recently explained to a mom-to-be, "They've just got all those things you didn't know you needed until you saw them." And it's true. There are more unusual--and unusually irresistible--items crammed into this converted Grand Avenue Victorian than can be found at the average superstore. Chances are you won't be able to tear yourself away from the first-floor display of pajamas with the elastic bottoms--you know, like the ones Maggie Simpson wears--and the shelves of breast-feeding supplies, the stacks of baby bouncers, back- and front-packs, tiny bathtubs, and everything else a teeny tot needs for optimum comfort. But, if you can, mount the front stairs and attempt to take in what is possibly the world's largest selection of layettes. Sure, they have the standard white or pale wood with square ends and curved ends, but Baby Grand also has sleigh-style cribs, changing tables with cherry finishes, and even a round crib. There's a different bumper-and-sheet set displayed in each tiny bed, but on the off chance the couple of dozen on hand don't appeal to you, the family members who run this business can special-order even more unique items.


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