Honey, this ain't San Francisco: You can't just saunter into any old adult video store and ask the clerks for some Nina Hartley film, or the instructional anal video Bend Over Boyfriend, and expect them to know what you're talking about. In this town, progressivism and funky sex are supposed to sit firmly on opposite sides of a clear Plexiglas barrier--which should explain why every local smut rental store we know of organizes its films by categories like "interracial" and "anal," and why you're on your own if you're actually looking for a specific film. That said, we're most encouraged by Sex World, which is currently installing a new computer system to help choosy shoppers locate just the film they're looking for. In addition, the store also offers an almost-respectable gay/lesbian section on the third floor, including woman-woman films that feature more than the same breast-implanted airheads going at each other instead of at some grunting, potbellied mullet. And the store's clerks don't give you that leave-me-alone-I-hate-my-life glare you can get for asking questions at other video stores, thus making the process a little less degrading--or at least more personable. (Rentals go for $4.28 for two days, and require a $50 deposit.)


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