They're the Betty Fords of high-profile plant destroyers, the ICU nurses of wilting foliage, the Anne Sullivans of green thumbism. Got a bad habit of ruining houseplants, garden flowers, or vegetables? Never cared about growing anything besides a marijuana plant that withered away your freshman year? Join the line of plant neophytes at Garden City. The shop--in the long, skinny, red building across the street from Leaning Tower of Pizza--sells everything you need to get started, get fixed, get serious: houseplants, pots, planters, mulch, fertilizer, how-to books, Christmas trees in December, and seedlings in spring). But they're also known for their free advice. After a few informal, over-the-counter sessions with either of Garden City's co-owners, known to regulars simply as Winnie and Melanie, your days of dead leaves and brown sticks will be a distant shame. Bonus: All but a few items (think black-spot killer) are organic! Which makes sense, given that urban neighbors are usually in whiffing range rather than at the next spread three miles south. And, Winnie reasons, "Here in the city, gardening is a hobby--you're not putting kids through college on a soybean crop. So you shouldn't have to put on a mask and gloves and deal with stinky toxic stuff--it should be enjoyable."


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