Youngsters might think Vaseline Alley is just another great, greasy punk-rock band name, but the classic-rock fans these kids are trying to offend will immediately see it as a play on Gasoline Alley, the 1970 sophomore effort by Rod "The Mod" Stewart. And what a wry, ingeniously witty play it is, coyly referencing all those early '80s homophobic jokes about the ten pounds of a substance called "pud" that had allegedly accumulated in Hot Rod's stomach due to some sexual sport. Yet for those of us who love those early Rod records, Vaseline Alley evokes his long, messy slide into dank disco and VH1--a journey that came to epitomize the soft, sodden middle-age rock culture bands like the Alley have always wished to obliterate. One can only hope they're as righteously vile as their name suggests.


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