They were asking for it--Bud Grant, Howard Hanson, and their latest ally, Jesse "My natural heritage is DuPont fishing" Ventura. They were begging to have their faces rubbed in it, to be insulted and humiliated, to get a dose of their own medicine: Lining them up on the Capitol steps would have been nice, and forcing them to take turns reading the Supreme Court decision while Mille Lacs schoolchildren critiqued their pronunciation of "sovereignty." But no. No gloating was heard from the Mille Lacs tribal offices when the Supreme Court ruled for the band in the landmark treaty-rights case March 24; not even the smallest of snickers. Weeks before, tribal chairwoman Marge Anderson wrote a letter to band members: "Do not be boastful," in case of a win, she asked. "Respect the very real anguish that many of our non-Indian neighbors may feel in the event that the Court sides with the Band. Reach out to them in peace and in friendship...." Peace, schmeace. Can you imagine how Jesse, Bud, and Howard would have handled that one?


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