The window in the hallway has been broken for three months, the cockroaches are back, and the hot water is room temperature at best: For $600 a month, shouldn't you be entitled to better? Find out at these free seminars covering everything from the basic (what exactly is an FHA mortgage, anyway?) to the obscure (if you wanted to, could you trade a car for a house?). They'll pull your credit report and tell you whether the Visa bill you shredded years ago is really that big a deal. Real estate agents show up, too, as do city officials and loan officers. Best of all, at the end you get a certificate that opens the door to the myriad special city, state, and private programs just waiting to pitch in for your down payment, fix your roof, or sort out that credit card business. Workshops are held every month at a variety of Minneapolis and St. Paul locations, some of which offer free child-care.


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