Rookie Vikings receiver Randy Moss may have stolen the show last season, but Randall Cunningham was the man who put it on in the first place. While Moss's talent seemed to derive from some alien biotechnology, Cunningham made things happen with veteran savvy and a cool head, proving that even the best receivers are nothing without the poise and leadership that Cunningham demonstrated all year. With a 60.9 percent completion average and 39 touchdown passes, Cunningham's season felt like part comeback, part payback for all those games when the struggling quarterback looked like he wasn't consistent enough to play in Canada. The heavenward glances got a little weird after a while, and the God-love-us speeches seemed to never end, but keep in mind this was a man who was all but retired two years ago. His guns may not have blazed as bright, but the bullet almost always found its mark. See you in church.


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