What a difference a year can make. Since 1998, the Wolves have devolved from the most dynamic young team in the NBA to a squad of aging role players who will most likely be nipping at the heels of the pack all season. Ironic that the Wolves set off the salary controversy and subsequent players' strike by offering a $126 million contract to premier pup Kevin Garnett, only to lose Stephon Marbury because they couldn't afford to pay him the same honkin' jackpot. If picking a best Wolves player has become a process of elimination, at least KG is still around and proving that he was worth the money. With consistent scoring and rebounding, occasionally breathtaking athleticism, and solid defense against the league's most dangerous offensive weapons, Garnett is quickly evolving into a prototype for the post-Jordan NBA superstar. He is exactly the sort of player the Wolves need to hold on to if they hope to rebuild their franchise and move back to the head of the pack.


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