You never know when you're gonna wake up one morning with a yen to see some car carnage. (Maybe you just got a little too worked up over those advertisements for the Monster Jam at the Metrodome.) But where do you go? Glad you asked. First, rule out the freeways--you can't just sit on the shoulder in your chaise longue sipping coffee and waiting to hit the jackpot; it's unbecoming. So it's gotta be a city street. And in our humble opinion, Lake and Chicago is your best bet. According to Dave Bruckelmyer, a transportation systems analyst for the city of Minneapolis, the intersection has led all city surfaced streets in the number of reported accidents during the past few years. The figure for 1998 was 46, and Dave points out that the actual number is undoubtedly somewhat higher, given that the city tracks only hit-and-runs, accidents involving injuries, and collisions that involve more than $1,000 worth of damage. If Lake and Chicago's too crowded with lawn chairs when you arrive, you might consider scooting over to our runner-up, the confluence of Snelling and St. Anthony avenues in St. Paul--not nearly as scenic (too close to I-94), but more mayhem. Bob Hamilton, an engineer at St. Paul's Department of Public Works, tells us that the intersection yielded a whopping 65 crackups in 1997 (computer problems have precluded a tally for 1998).


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