City Pages was cutting a rug back when your grandma wore hoop skirts. Yet we've never seen anything like the dance craze that has lately hit the Cities, which beats hula hooping and mosh pitting by a mile. Floors that hadn't known a good night's crowd for years have seen action all over town, and the worn-out boards in grimy dives, chichi salons, and even the old Nordic brotherhood halls are squeaking again. Trouble is, in most of these joints there's hardly a hair's breadth to move around, and you come out after last call with a body that's as black-and-blue as a boxer's. With due respect to all the other juke joints, we'll take the Cedar Cultural Center when the yen to swing hits. Bring your sweetie or fly solo: Whether your style is Lindy, East Coast, Cajun, zydeco, or one you dreamt up, what matters is the mood, the live music, and the room to move. Count on picking up tips from the raft of old-timers who have been coupled up and swinging for decades. Bring your kids, bring your shoes, hell, they'll probably let you bring your dog if he can lead well. For those who can't, dance lessons are usually offered before the real get-down gets down.


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