The trouble with honoring grocery stores and public parks in this category is that while there are, of course, single women passing through such locales, only a fraction are open to flirting with City Pages readers sporting ink-stained fingers and dry mouths. On the other hand, Bondage A Go-Go Thursdays and Sin City Saturdays at Ground Zero inherit the proud tradition of First Avenue's long-running Sex-O-Rama by putting the carnal-collating agenda squarely on the table. There's no mistaking the hopeful looks club patrons give each new entry on the dance floor. But that's not to say these nights aren't Minnesota polite. On Thursdays, as some mustached leather-boy metes out discipline to volunteers from the upstairs bar-audience in Daddy's Leather Loft (that would be the bondage part), a variety of onlookers chat among themselves about the demerits of lawyering vs. accounting, or the latest news from Kosovo. Harnessed dancers writhe from various balcony perches around the club (the go-go part), and the DJ keeps the soundtrack industrial-goth. Sin City revamps the formula only slightly, with a shifting cast of bed "performers" and a red-light-district-in-Amsterdam atmosphere. The DJ tosses on some Top 40 and house music, effectively welcoming the one-timer tourists with lust on their dirty minds. Don't worry, the lighting is too dim to spot your ink stains.


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