Although it wears the masks of Agriculture, Commerce, and Industry, the Great Minnesota Get-Together has always been about Love. Just ask any 4-H kid and he'll tell you about the itchy swoon of his first State Fair crush. There's something in the hot summer air, suspended in the atomized grease, that quickens the pulse--and couples of any sexual orientation are well advised to tap into this magic mist. Practically speaking, if you can't find something of mutual interest in the fair's barns and buildings, then you either have no interests or your timid heart is closed for business. Incurable romantics can share mini-doughnuts during a languid walk up Machinery Hill, while cranks are encouraged to skulk around and ridicule the hoi polloi à la Woody Allen in Annie Hall. Those who feel especially slutty can simply circle the Midway at night and watch the teenagers in full rutting display. Whatever face the mating ritual is wearing during a given summer, its essence always beats the animal barns in terms of sheer carnality.


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