They're fighting for your soul up in Northeast Minneapolis. In the land with as many churches as bars, it's not uncommon to see Catholic and Orthodox worshiping across the street from one another amid the many dens of gin littering the neighborhood. Nowhere is this phenomenon more noticeable than along the stretch of Fourth Street between 14th and 22nd avenues. Once the various parish bells have quit clamoring for the evening, the good people of Nordeast hit this area for a night of imbibing, meat raffling, and trying out the newest sport--mingling with the Uptown scenesters who have moved into the neighborhood. Folks seem to get along best at Grumpy's, a bar that caters to both pull tabbers and preening thrill seekers. Here you'll also find the best jukebox on the block, thanks to the taste of the owners (one a founder of the Amphetamine Reptile label), who have proven that funk and punk are viable alternatives to Lynyrd Skynyrd. You might also be pleased to see Rocky and Bullwinkle reruns on the bar's televisions rather than the latest Timberwolves debacle. And when the evening winds down to its decadent close, it's comforting to know that there will be plenty of bartenders and priests in the area to hear your confessions.


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