Minneapolis is blessed with a number of noteworthy record labels, from Kim Randall's eclectically rocking No Alternative to Woody McBride's techno syndicate Communiqué. But none made as much noise in 1998 as Jace Kraus's History of the Future. And when we say noise, we mean NOISE. History specializes in breakcore, a genre that melds James Brown's "Funky Drummer" and Faust's Kraut-rock drones and tops that combination with heaps of found sounds and evil white noise. Featuring groups like Substance P and Kraus's own Lost In Translation, the label packed the back of Jitters for this winter's New Atlantis showcases and elicited responses that ranged from bemusement to annoyance to downright disdain. And even if it isn't your cup of blurt, this label represents some of the most distinct sonic distraction to come out of the Cities in years.


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