Many of the online sites devoted to Gov. Jesse Ventura are essentially working with the same batch of "content," as the new media gurus say, so winning this derby comes down to a matter of smart, sassy packaging., billed as "Ground Zero for the Ventura Revolution" (but they don't really mean it), takes the prize for combining real info, amusing graphics, and an irreverent sense of humor. Hell, even those drunken Irishmen in St. Paul should get a kick out of this. "Quote Machine" collects inane Ventura utterances; "Faces of Ventura" features many particularly outlandish photos of Jesse from his days as a wrestling villain/clown. The best laughs often come from the "Jesse Central" headlines on the latest Ventura-related news tidbits: "Crappiegate Commissioner Goes Belly-Up"; "Ventura Yells at Single Mom, Students"; "Ventura Mildly Threatened at Store."


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