Chances are by about Groundhog Day, you (or more to the point, your kids, if you've got 'em) have seen pretty much everything Must-See TV has to offer--twice. If you play one more round of Nintendo, the neural pathways in your brain will come unknit. You've made a single obligatory foray (in snowpants!) down to the park but turned around halfway because, really, macho Minnesota lore aside, it's waaay too cold for sledding or broomball. The solution? Get in the car and drive to this City of Edina-owned and -operated park. Secreted in the atrium and second floor of an apartment, office, and hotel complex, Edinborough is a real park, albeit a heated one. There's a jungle gym, swingsets, and everything else required for a full playground for the kids, as well as a landscaped walking path for their elders. Admission is free, but a modest fee ($3.50 a day) gains access to an ice-skating rink, a jogging track, an adult workout facility, and a swimming pool. Skates are available to rent at $1.50 a pair, and, with the exception of a short moratorium for springtime maintenance, the rink is open year-round. Because the park is also the site of periodic special events, staff advise calling in advance to make sure whatever feature your kids have their hearts set on is available.


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