How do we love Dick? Let us count the ways. Franson's life is an open book--make that an open fax. There's almost nothing the man won't put into a press release (including details you never wanted to know about his recent prostate surgery). A retired army first sergeant, Franson served one term on the Minneapolis City Council back in the 1960s, but ever since then he's been on the political margins. He generally runs once a year for some office or other--last year he came in third in the DFL primary for secretary of state, and he has already launched the Franson 2000 bid for U.S. Senate, proclaiming Sen. Rod Grams "an embarrassment." Though his repeated calls last year for President Clinton's resignation went unheeded, our man faxed on undaunted from his South Minneapolis command center. Franson's attempts to make political hay out of his opponents' lack of military service and his berating of the local media for failing to cover his every move may not seem like the best strategies, but really, who's to say? He always loses, but he never loses hope.


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