When archaeologists unearth Gaviidae in the year 3015, they will most certainly marvel at the State Fare Food Court. They will have found McDonald's ruins and Subway shards at other digs, though the relatively rare Manchu Wok might spark a debate. (Only Annie's Frozen Yogurt will be a complete mystery--by that time children will be downloading their frozen desserts off the Net.) But all food courts have franchises; only the State Fare Food Court has those walls. The architecture firm Lohan Associates has created a shellacked fantasy of French fries and Midway lights and burgers and clowns--which for an upscale shopping center anchored by Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus is downright surreal. You won't find many people up here, but this only adds to the charm of a place that feels like the future looking back at the past.


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