It's tempting to present this coveted award to our new governor. After all, in the course of his brief political career, Ventura's inclination to shoot from the lip--a talent that served him well as radio host and rassler--has been sparked by the tiniest provocations. But few of Ventura's targets have put up much of a fight. And as any aficionado knows, it takes a minimum of two scrappers to make a feud. With no further ado, we give you ex-Minneapolis City Council member Steve Minn and, well, just about all of his former colleagues. Minn, the council's lone independent, found himself at odds with his peers at nearly every turn, and they've been lobbing tart verbal salvos at one another in a bizarre contemporary homage to the traditions of the Hatfields and McCoys pretty much ever since he was elected in 1994. Last summer, after a spate of public spats between Minn and council president Jackie Cherryhomes, the august body actually went so far as to draft guidelines for decorum and civility in public debate. Within two months, however, Jim Niland was denouncing Minn's behavior as "dictatorial" and "fascist," prompting Minn to respond that Niland "is a religious practitioner of the art of disinformation." Kind of makes you sorry the guy resigned. But who knows? Now that Minn has assumed his post as commissioner of the Department of Public Service in the Ventura administration, maybe he and the guv will find something to fight about.


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