With her oversize, Steven Tyler lips and Elton John eyeglasses, and a hairdo that might look normal on your insane aunt, Miss Richfield (a.k.a. Russell King) resembles the family member you might confide in about tawdry secrets while shopping. Although drag queens seem to be a dime a dozen these days, and she isn't exactly stepping out of the pages of Vogue, Miss Richfield has a style all her own and an approach to performing that is alive with humor. Just like the Queen Mum, she's a stable force in an otherwise fluctuating time. If Miss Richfield is not busy hosting various AIDS benefits, she's otherwise occupied with selling out shows, as she did at the Bryant-Lake Bowl last fall. And when she's not taking her bad ass around the United States, she's crashing television programs like the Today Show. Today Richfield, tomorrow the world.


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