Rather than choose one of the cast of longstanding superstars who keep the local club scene alive--e.g., Drone, E-Tones, or Jennifer--we thought we'd spotlight the best of the new school of youngsters working the all-ages circuit. DJ Tyrone, a member of the Family Werks crew, has been the highlight of the Foxfire Coffee Lounge's Friday dance parties. We caught a fine midwinter set that saw Tyrone mix the anti-intuitive, fault-line groove of Aaliyah's R&B hit "Are You That Somebody?" with a cartoonishly puerile slice of underground ghetto-house--which is kind of like rocking the crowd with successive covers of Pere Ubu and 2 Live Crew. It's worth noting that Tyrone is only the most remarkable fixture on a nascent teen-dance scene that's been the backbone of the warehouse party world for years; this crew is just now making inroads toward our local clubland via events like the Foxfire's and First Ave.'s successful New DJ Nights. More good things from this set are sure to come.


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