From the stewardship of the Minneapolis Community Development Agency--where her job involved negotiating with private developers on behalf of the city--to an executive post with Ryan Companies Inc.--where her job will almost certainly involve negotiating with the city on behalf of a private developer. Yanisch, you'll recall, had capped her four-year tenure at the MCDA by leading the charge to have Ryan build the new downtown Target headquarters with tens of millions of dollars in public money, rather than giving the nod to rival Opus Corp., which had proposed constructing the edifice with no public funding. Though some wet serapes around town had the temerity to raise the conflict-of-interest specter when Yanisch assumed her new post in February, a virtual coronation ceremony took place at City Hall, where officials said they're looking forward to working with Yanisch once the terms of the yearlong "revolving door" ordinance are met. What a town!


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