With only a few truly meatless restaurants, and only one that serves beer and wine, the Twin Cities can be a cold, unforgiving place for vegetarians. We routinely hear things like "Well, you can pick the meat out," we're handed menus featuring "vegetarian" items that aren't (note to restaurateurs: Oyster sauce and chicken broth are not vegetables), and sometimes we're served food that makes us wonder whether someone in the kitchen means to exterminate the likes of us. None of the above, however, applies at India Palace. Okay, it's not totally vegetarian, but it's vegetarian-friendly--and trust us: You don't want a mere technicality keeping you from these delights. The space is clean and comfortable; the staff is friendly, accommodating, and efficient. And the food? Consistently delicious, in ample portions, at affordable prices (entrées run less than $10). Bring a kindred soul and bliss out over the vegetarian dinner for two ($24.95). Heck, invite your m**t-eating friends--at India Palace, there's something to keep everybody happy.


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