Five years ago Tommy Dennis and his brother Bobby decided that their fellow transplants from Chicago needed a place to hang. Born and bred on the West Side, a blue-collar stronghold where red hots and Italian hoagies are staples, they noticed that there wasn't one authentic beef stand in all of Minneapolis. So they snatched up a storefront near Lake Nokomis, named it after their brother, and stocked up on juicy, all-beef Vienna dogs (mixed in Chicago), soft Gonnella bread (baked in Chicago), and spicy Scala beef (packaged in Chicago). Then, to attract the right class of customer, they put in a TV and wired the outdoor patio with speakers, so when the Cubbies play on WGN--Chicago's MSC--everyone can enjoy. On a sunny day, it's the next best thing to being with the bleacher creatures at Wrigley. You can kick back at a picnic table, order all the dogs you want, break up the monotony with a slice or two of delightfully greasy pizza, even get a farmer's tan--all while about da pennant with da faithful.


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